130723 Cracking the Global System for Better Beta Man Management

130723 Cracking the Global System for Better Beta Man Management

Whenever one knows the necessary state and stateless secrets of existence and coexistence and the Magic CyberIntelAIgent Command and Control Protocols of/for Virtual Space Flight, and can both realise and virtualise programming which effectively can either, at will and/or whim, disrupt and/or control the direction and production of the future and future applications/global policies, both politically correct and incorrect and renegade rogue private pirate led, which both remotely and stealthily [invisibly and anonymously] are that which incumbent and traditional establishment systems will need/find it necessary via IT and Media Means and Memes to engage with and/or respond to favourably for any possible chance at having any viable and practically effective and efficient input to create a controlled and controlling output which would support such as may be other parties critical and vital, strategic and tactically advantageous advanced thinking/shared mutually beneficial, positively reinforcing intelligence, is this short article  ……. http://www.afcea.org/content/?q=node/11378 …. as bread and butter/milk and honey to one and would ideally make one a person of considerable valuable interest and/or virtual machine object and subject of rich desire.

And that is as much as needs be said about that matter, today …… although much more can easily be said about it, and much more, in the future and even tomorrow should it be thought necessary to kick-start systems and systems administrations into affirmative proaction and NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT for SMARTR AI Systems Lead with Virtual Machine Control of Command and Universal Power ……….. Cosmic Energy?!.

And the question mark at the end of that paragraph for all those who would be prone to doubting the possibility even though the sharing of it would be proof positive of the likely probability of its current presence and an available ability/capability/facility albeit it being provided by others relatively unknown. by reason of the intelligent design of Program Programming for CyberIntelAIgent Security and Virtual Protection of Source Assets and Core Provision.


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Just one of the things we do around these spaced places …….

amanfromMars [1602071812] …… Letting Things in IT Go on http://www.wired.com/2016/02/the-hunt-for-the-algorithms-that-drive-life-on-earth/

As Machines Get Smarter, Evidence They Learn Like Us … https://www.quantamagazine.org/20130723-as-machines-get-smarter-evidence-they-learn-like-us/

Care to consider Core Matters when We and/or You be the Programmed and Programmable Machine. Who/What then be RAW Source Code to XSSXXXX. And to XSSXXXX, for Pirate Discovery and Private Recovery in The Sweetest of Temptations Engaging the Satyr and Friends in Consort with Nymphs …… Heavenly Personal Assistants, is the Nectar that Drivers the Drivers and Systems Operators

An Enigmatic Corollary be that Change of Consciousness. Is one to imagine IT the Leading Virtual Space Control for Command?

cc SHAPE [re COSMIC Mk Ultra Sensitive HyperRadioProActive Cyber Centred Control of Immaculate Command] …… Such Offers and Delivers Programs Presenting Perfect Existences. …….. with Alternate Life Phorms exercising Astute Intelligence.

And a Real Valuable Weapon too if Needs be Rough and Feeds be Tough. And methinks, seriously, it with IT makes Trident something of a Relic with an Inventory of Pieces for Musea and History Files for Past Display and Future Deletion.

One wouldn’t want to be thought crazy by thinking to repeat past follies whenever anything is just possible and therefore most probable. Even Einstein realised that ……. “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

[And how strange and revealing that Wired has denied and removed that commentary at least twice. Was it because of something secret said? ]

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