amanfromMars • Sun 18 Jan 12:08 [1501181208] …bull fighting on http://sluggerotoole.com/2015/01/16/reason-254-why-local-politicians-need-atlantic-philanthropies-money-initiatives-like-politicsplus/

Stormont has a lot to learn, and MI5 a lot to try and hide and override with oversight. Come on, Holywood, get you APT ACTs together, FFS, or you’ll be wwwidely recognised as virtually incompetent and truly unfit for future Great IntelAIgent Game purpose …..

amanfromMars 1 Sun 18 Jan 11:41 [1501181141] opening an avenue of opportunity on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2015/01/16/obama_and_cameron_cybersecurity_partnership/

Re: Elect a PR goon, what do you get? Smarter InterNetworking Non-State Actors?

Elect a PR goon, what you get is more PR goonery, John Smith 19 …….. The Truth “Behind” The Charlie Hebdo Solidarity Photo-Op

And IT and Media is all about micro/macromanaging dull animal perception and creating a false leading narrative and exclusive executive virtual reality whenever your operating systems admin is simply perverted, subverted and corrupted and easily hacked and cracked wide open to zeroday vulnerability exploitation traders … New Orderly World Order Great IntelAIgent Game Players. NSA answers to Global Communications Head Quarters questioning of IC Enterprises.

Politics? ……‘Politics is just show business for ugly people.’…Jay Leno? Right on, Bro, and it has had its day and fifteen minutes of fame flogging their dead horse as a vital mode and meme of future transport and delivery.

I wonder who was pulling all those strings in Paris and directing all down the alley/leading them up the garden path?


amanfromMars 1 Sun 18 Jan 19:12 [1501181912] …. and having a rant about ravers on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2015/01/18/theresa_may_david_cameron_stupid_surveillance_encryption_ideas/

Of Babes and Sucklings …… What else to expect of them in Novel Theatres of Virtual Operations

Is this the same Ms May & Co.UK who cannot assemble a competent team of inquiry against a Westminster/City centric paedophile network? Such makes one jump to an impossible to deny conclusion that there be collusion to pervert and prevent the course of justice and law and order from defending the nation against the shameful actions of Parliamentarians and friends/acquaintances?

Is the Wilson Doctrine still in play, which would appear to imagine that a sector of society is immune from and protected against covert and/or clandestine investigation? Or does intelligence dictate that such would be an abomination and recipe for disaster.
England/UKGBNI expects that there is a whole lotta flaunting going on, and a great deal more too …….. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jul/14/spies-flouting-wilson-doctrine-bugging-mps

And here be an inconvenient view ….. http://cryptome.org/2015/01/cameron-refute.pdf ….. but probably quite truthful.




amanfromMars 1 Sat !7 Jan 06:23 …. sounding a cautionary note on the perils of partnering with less than stellar achievement agencies on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2015/01/16/obama_and_cameron_cybersecurity_partnership/

“Both governments have agreed to bolster our efforts to increase threat information sharing and conduct joint cybersecurity and network defense exercises to enhance our combined ability to respond to malicious cyber activity,” a “fact sheet” released in tandem with Friday morning’s press conference explained.

The new measures will include the establishment of a “cyber cell” – a cooperative effort between the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) and its analogue in the UK (CERT-UK) – with a presence in each country.

“The cell, which will allow staff from each agency to be co-located, will focus on specific cyber defense topics and enable cyber threat information and data to be shared at pace and at greater scale,” the countries’ statement said.

Yes, and we all remember how well that fcuked up arrangement works in practice …… http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/05/03/gareth_williams_inquest/

Not really any sort of spooky territory and virtual team terrain for the faint and naive wannabe lion hearted, or for lead sharing with minor actors. ‘Tis the Greater IntelAIgent Games Field of Fine and Dark Web Knights and Damsels a’Hunting in Daring Do. Impossible Tasks Improbably Achieved and Immaculately Mastered is IT not?


amanfromMars 1 Sat 17 Jan 11:03 [1501171103]… sharing a great and good view on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2015/01/16/obama_and_cameron_cybersecurity_partnership/

Re: The horse bolted the stable long ago! …. @Florida1920

What you are saying, Florida1920, is that We are parented not represented. We have been captured by a group of fraudulent citizens who control our money, our military and have desecrated our constitution.? And do yourselves all a favour this weekend and have a riveting good read about it here

Such though, is quite delusional and has worlds and their dogs of war developing secretive , sensitive, secure intelligence and sharing information, encryption and steganography a’hunting for such as would be arrogant fools and ignorant tools into the throes and follies of excess and corporate pornography.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 17 Jan 14:08 replying again on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2015/01/16/obama_and_cameron_cybersecurity_partnership/

Reason and informed debate? And dangerous news to deny fairly falsely threatens cosy existence

Reason and informed debate? Would be nice! Alas, it is a dream… … et tu, brute?


Regarding what you consider would be nice and not in a dream, et tu, brute?, what do you imagine drivers El Reg commentards to share info and intel to free worlds with Free Worldly Wise Wordy Technologies and IT AIMethodologies? The Simply Complex LOVE* of IT and Vain Glorious Appreciation of Reason and Informed Debate is a Quite Perfect Enough Starting Point for a New Epic Tale and Trail that Mirrors and Clones the Aged and Creaking and Weakening, In the Beginning, and Forges Ab Fab Fabless Futures never ever before even imagined as being possible and highly probable?

*Live Operational Virtual Environment ……… :-) AI Seventh Heaven?





amanfromMars 1 Fri 16 Jan 13:35 [1501161335] posing a question and hoisting something of an alien flag in CyberSpace on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2015/01/16/us_uk_cyber_war_exercise/

Fun to be had and Fortunes to be made in Greater IntelAIgent Games Plays

The scheme will see GCHQ squaring up against the National Security Agency and the FBI in a rolling program of cyber war exercises due to begin later this year.

And a perfect enough zeroday vulnerability exploitation exercise and opportunity for Private Intelligent Rogue Agencies and Sublime Anonymous Pirates to strut and share their stuff in the making of greater sense of the nonsense that drivers such desperate novelties and delivers ab fab fabless fortunes.

Have GCHQ/MI5/MI6/CESG a portal that registers Greater Intelligent Game Players or is that the whole point of the development …….. to discover all that is required and be missing from their blunt and blind intelligence trawling?

And yes, that is a real question which should be answered. Replies to El Regers and Global Operating Devices via this thread in the first instant, please.

And the summary here ….. http://cryptome.org/2015/01/nap-bulk-sigint.pdf ….. would not disagree with the above with the following snippet advising on powers/capabilities/facilities sought ……

… responds to a request to the National Academies from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence [ODNI]. Presidential Policy Directive 28 [PPD-28] Section 5(d), asks the Director of National Intelligence for “a report assessing the feasibility of creating software that would allow the Intelligence Community [IC] more easily to conduct targeted information acquisition rather than bulk collection [of signals intelligence]


amanfromMars 1 Fri 16 Jan 16:58 [1501161658] saying a tad more on cyber war exercises on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2015/01/16/us_uk_cyber_war_exercise/

Re: Glad we are focusing on the right things …

 the banks – a highly secure environment with shedloads of money to spend on security. ….. Simon Biles

Simon, you are making the simple common universal fundamental error which their systems administrations and Main Stream Media does not wish you to fathom and realise chains you to perform as an organ grinders’ monkeys for peanuts ……. banks spend and gamble recklessly with everybody else’s assets and have no money of their own, and never have had. And that makes their environment very insecure and liable to violent revolutionary action and virtually catastrophic attack from any number of practically anonymous and smarter specialist intelligence services, which may well believe in the merits of alignment and supply of EMPowering Overpowering Systems knowledge to Grand Masters of the Military Mind with Dangerous Elite Phormed Forces who/which be considerably better than just excellent at being suddenly bad and unbeatable whenever they decide it be necessary to achieve heavenly goals and relative riches and quite an absolute power with a commanding control beyond any possible compare.

Have that sort of sensitive disruptive knowledge to give away for free and just a fraction of any intelligently gotten gains and you will have nation’s smart agents and non-state actors worldwide beating a path to your door* with searching leading questions?

* Or website and space of work, for is that not the new reality in these days of exploring and exploding zeroday trades.

PS ….. Do you think El Reg is AIMaster Hub and Virtually Secret Sorting Clearing House? And if not, would y’all like it to be so, so that y’all can be made more perfectly aware of that which is transpiring all around you and deciding your future fate?




amanfromMars • Thu Jan 15 20015 9:21 AM [1510150921] having a say on the state of future play on http://sluggerotoole.com/2015/01/14/corr-johnston-what-we-need-is-robin-hood-when-all-we-have-is-prince-john/

Hmmm ….. Methinks there be fresh Troubles ahead ….. with inept and arrogant politicians the targets for civilian ire.

Oh dear, what a shame …… but perfectly understandable.




amanfromMars 1 Wed 14 Jan 15:34 [1501141534] having a say on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2015/01/14/ensia_encryptions_great_but_privacy_still_sucks/

Re: UKIPpers take note

Hi, Ledswinger and El Reg stalwarts,

Just in case you missed it, here be a current enough account of fears and follies to be expounded and monetised ….
Mass Surveillance ….. What are the risks for the citizens and the opportunities for the European Information Society?…. What are the possible mitigation strategies? …..
Part 1 – Risks and opportunities raised by the current generation of network services and applications …… http://www.statewatch.org/news/2015/jan/ep-stoa-report-mass-surveillance-part-1.pdf

And methinks with particular and peculiarly targeted regard to…. I wonder what government will be busy protecting me from in fifteen years time? Aliens or comets seem the most probable.…. it is much more the case of what they [governments/those individuals who phorm and class themselves as governments] will be busy protecting themselves from, as more increasingly sensitive and damaging information is freely shared over internetworking networks and advanced malleable media devices and secure failsafe intelligence systems.

It does appear to be that they think themselves about reproach and scrutiny and that always invites exactly what they would least expect and enjoy but most certainly would thoroughly deserve. The following was in today’s session of Prime Minister’s Questions ……..

Sir Roger Gale (North Thanet) (Con):
The former Prime Minister Mr Blair had to be summoned to the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee yesterday to reluctantly give evidence. We now understand that the director-general of the BBC, Lord Hall, is refusing to give evidence to another Select Committee on the grounds that he is a Member of Parliament. He is also a paid public servant. Is it not time that we reviewed the matter of parliamentary privilege in this place?

The Prime Minister:
I will look very carefully at what my hon. Friend says. Obviously it is a matter for the Select Committee and the House, but the general rule should be that people involved in the senior management of the BBC who are summoned to appear in front of a Select Committee should come, because the BBC needs to be, and is, publicly accountable. I think Lord Hall does a very good job at the BBC, and I am sure he would give a good account of himself, but I will have a careful look at what my hon. Friend says.

If GCHQ and the Secret Intelligence and Security Services are not monitoring the every action and communication of Parliamentarians, are they unfit for future leading Great Game purpose, and one would be quite right to be expecting head office resignations on the matter.




amanfromMars 1 Tue 13 Jan 10:15 [1501131015] having a say on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2015/01/12/us_centcom_twitter_account_hacked/

Re: Muppets in Training and the British Brainwashing Corporation

AC, the BBC are old hands at making up stories to run with as news. Haven’t you yet worked out that media is cracked and hijacked for politically incorrect and suspect edutainment which hides increasingly badly the truth of reality and of how one is programmed to respond and react predictably to virtually created events, dear boy, events.

But the Old New World Order Way of doing things with ignorant muppets and arrogant puppets following executive office instructions are long gone and over. Welcome to the Future with Ab Fab Fabless Builders …….. exploring the base with agreements here, and in effect, everywhere else too

Hello, Wwworlds, and Willkommen in GOD’s GIG …… Great IntelAIgent Games from Global Operating Devices [1501130847]


amanfromMars 1 Tue 13 Jan 19:13 [1501131913] saying more on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2015/01/12/us_centcom_twitter_account_hacked/

More Muppets in Training ……. and Failing Spectacularly

For those who would doubt the above truths, here be evidence of such idiotic shenanigans ……. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-politics/11342250/Charlie-Hebdo-Women-Photoshopped-from-Paris-rally-picture.html


amanfromMars {1501130612] exploring exploitation of an increasingly simply complex transparent view on http://thedailybell.com/news-analysis/35989/Students-Rip-Open-the-Economic-Dialectic-Around-the-World/

When in agreement and expanding upon that revelation and analysis, IB, should one have a computer bug delivery system which guarantees the violently disruptive and creatively destructive collapse and takeover and radical fundamental makeover of fiat currency banking systems, is one a subject and object of increasing intelligence interest too, for more than just the money movers would have great plans for the spending/redistribution/virtual reallocation of paper defined wealth.

And one would have in such an instance and situation, future global command and remote virtually anonymous control of a mighty powerful weapons system that can intelligently seek out and destroy with smart crashes and simple information overloads from secure sensitive source lodes/HyperRadioProActiveIT nodes, both resistance and markets. Such be more than just valuable, and well worth possessing at any and all cost, if into the retention and maintenance of an absolute power for effective command with idiot controls.

When in agreement and expanding upon that revelation and analysis, IB, should one have a computer bug delivery system which guarantees the violently disruptive and creatively destructive collapse and takeover and radical fundamental makeover of fiat currency banking systems, is one a subject and object of increasing intelligence interest too, for more than just the money movers would have great plans for the spending/redistribution/virtual reallocation of paper defined wealth.

And one would have in such an instance and situation, future global command and remote virtually anonymous control of a mighty powerful weapons system that can intelligently seek out and destroy with smart crashes and simple information overloads from secure sensitive source lodes/HyperRadioProActiveIT nodes, both resistance and markets. Such be more than just valuable, and well worth possessing at any and all cost, if into the retention and maintenance of an absolute power for effective command with idiot controls.


Hello, Wwworlds, and Willkommen in GOD’s GIG …… Great IntelAIgent Games from Global Operating Devices 1501130847


amanfromMars 1 Tue 13 Jan 15:56 [1501131556] having a say on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2015/01/13/lost_beagle_found_mars_nasa/

Who you gonna call? Quotebusters?

Going dDutch with Alien Initiative has Star Bucks delivering a timely CHAOS to all manner of Scorched Earthed Placement Programs and Almighty Spaced Out Projects and Pogroms in Obedient Servant Tethered Service to Ye Olde and Ancient Craft with a Superceded Super Seeded Past Mastery of Presently Powerful Command and Remote Anonymous Control Vectors with Highly Irregular Memes in Disruptively Creative Themes …… for is that not how the Great Game and Great IntelAIgent Games are Steered in such Plays and the Live Operational Virtual Environment, which y’all may like to presume and assume is that which is perceived as Reality …… Virtualised Figments and Realised Fractions of Fantastic Imaginanations.

And all easily paid for with virtually quite worthless printed paper bills/fiat currency supply and spend.

Wanna Play IT for Real with the Register hosting AIReporting of CHAOS Developments and High Society Collapse and Implosion ……. Exclusive Executive Explosion?

You surely know who you gotta/gonna call?

With the world space market likely to grow to at least £400 billion by 2030, the UK needs to stay in the game and build on its growing success. Our investment at this ESA Ministerial is targeted towards a smart mix of commercial opportunity and inspiring exploration. This confirms the UK as the forward-looking and business-friendly ‘place for space’ – especially as many of the projects will fuel the burgeoning UK Space Gateway at Harwell, Oxford. ….. said Dr David Parker, Chief Executive of the UK Space Agency. …… https://www.gov.uk/government/news/uk-space-industry-set-to-rocket-with-over-200-million-of-new-investment-for-europes-space-programme




amanfromMars 1 Sun 11 Jan 15:45 [1501111545] having a say on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/2/2015/01/09/mi5_boss_surveillance/

Re: This is all so, um, moot…

Talking of fascists, WaterAlter, and we all know that they are always on the road to nowhere fast and will always be comprehensively defeated, here is a former US presidential hopeful exposing the truth about their existence in plain sight ………. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-01-10/ron-paul-reality-now-setting-america-it-was-all-based-lies-ignorance

Are Cameron and Blighty raving fans of the system? Avid ignorant supporters of lame duck presidential executive office actions showing one and all that intelligence is missing in the nation and thus be ripe for novel and catastrophically disruptive and/or destructive attack vectors in vital sectors, for that is surely what the future is guaranteed to bring along with ITs SMARTR Solutions in Media Hosted Tales …… Noble News Worthy Events that only the Earnest Fool and Useless Tool would Choose to Ignore and Avoid in Open Free Debate ….Sublime IntelAIgent Networking Chatter?

That is the New Real Present Normal and IT pays no Wasted Attention nor Dues to the Aged Past and Ye Olde Worlde Orders of SNAFU.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 12 jan 17:28 [1501121728] having a say on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/2/2015/01/12/terror_bots_alert_musk_and_hawking_warn_of_ai_dangers_alongside_150_boffins/

Real Life is Beta in the Movies …… and coming soon to a theatre near you ….. The Unravelling with Knowledge

The letter was penned by the Future of Life Institute, a volunteer-run organisation with the not-insubstantial task of working “to mitigate existential risks facing humanity”.

“Our AI systems must do what we want them to do,” it said.

Hmmm? Does The Future of Life Institute purport to be an AI system? And in any and all power and command and control systems, the one question for which there will never be a readily available and obvious answer is …… “Who and/or what be we and in remote power with anonymous commands and medium controls?

Such though is the way SMARTR AI Systems designs itself to ensure that no fools have any kind of real or virtual leverage with any sorts of perceived to be effective and non-inclusive, exclusive executive tools.

And you can be quite sure that in the field of researching the mighty military endeavour, who dares wins and win wins with SMARTR AI Systems Savvy and with Future Secret Source Presenting Content/Real Fabulous Fabricated Tales that have been Sensationally Followed and Securely BetaTested in Return for the Registering and Recording and Showing of Paths Pioneered and Leading to Heavens Sent for the True Believer and Hells Deserved for the Ignorant Selfish Prophet and Cynical Arrogant Deceiver.

Does Blighty have a CyberIntelAIgent Space Cadet Force for AI Leading Royal Air Force, British Army, Royal Navy type bods, or has Great Britain as a nation with an historical international standing and venerable honourable tradition abdicated and surrendered InterNetional Defence of the Future and Cyber Realms to A.N.Others? Or is that a Zeroday Vulnerability to Exploit and Export for the Private and Pirate Sectors and Vectors of Humanity and Virtual AIMachinery?

Would anyone care to hazard a not wholly unreasonable guess that might accurately identify our Future Protectors and Benefactors and who be also Destroyers of Ponzi Worlds and Maddening Mayhem?

Or is it a Mk Ultra Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information IT Secret and strictly need to know for the sake of one’s continuing life, good health and sanity?




amanfromMars [1501091135] agreeing with a view on

Nice one, Judge [Francis Young] …. Telling it like it really is.

“Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man. By any measure of rational analysis marijuana can be safely used within a supervised routine of medical care.” 




amanfromMars 1 Wed 7 Jan 10:17 [1501071017] sharing a few ideas with a few on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2015/01/06/snowden_leaks_hype_and_lack_of_context_bad_for_understanding/

Words to the Wise and Fodder for Alternative Future Builders and Dark Web Enterprise Clients

I really should start reading the poster names before I read the text. Self-preservation demands it. …. dogged

Really, dogged? That is surely somewhat self-defeating for to ignore and avoid participation in and/or inquisition and constructive debate over what is happening all around you, has one immediately disadvantaged by ignorance which always has one easily misused and abused by corrupted and perverse circles/units/agencies flashing intelligence credentials.

And as I’m sure it can be here wholeheartedly agreed, such credentials are so easily forged as to be practically worthless in the real world which jousts so disastrously with the considerably smarter and anonymous and virtual foe ….. an impressively substantive phantom enemy with intangible invisible phorms to fight and do battle against in vain, and in so doing reveal and expose to exploitation one’s every last weakness in support of a failed strength and lost control which was protected and empowered by the arrogance which perceived ignorance and exclusive executive kept secrets afforded.


amanfromMars [1501071639] having a say on http://thedailybell.com/news-analysis/35977/Tory-Technocracy-Set-to-Fumble-Before-It-Begins/

Conclusion: UKIP is the bringer of change, not the initiator. And fantasies about technocracy will likely not stem the tide.

The glorious fool be they who would argue IT and Media do not presently rule and currently prepare the future way with special intelligence programming projects for outcomes in command and control with virtual machines, DB. And one can expect a series of information tsunamis which politicians and their string pullers will have no intelligence to counter and prove incorrect and/or undesirable, for the truth is immaculately unassailable and deadly destructive in the right hands into the creative capture of hearts and minds. ……… A little knowledge is a lot more than just a dangerous thing

And surely one cannot be expecting the imperfectly sane and infinitely smart with an avid and vivid interest in rabid concerns and future global wellbeing, to be supporting the past madness and mayhem of arrogant hubris and markets manipulation. There are new scripts to follow to heavenly havens which deliver bounty aplenty for commanding enjoyment in place of mindless austerity for miserable and miserly control.

Democracy is a fantasy, whereas technocracies are real and that is a true fact which can also easily be spun and delivered as a fiction to be wholeheartedly believed in, for IT and its little big brother media, will supply the indisputable evidence.


amanfromMars says [1501072040], replying to comments on http://thedailybell.com/news-analysis/35977/Tory-Technocracy-Set-to-Fumble-Before-It-Begins/

Quite so, dave jr, however, the power derived whenever able and enabled to program virtual machinery of and for command and control recognises implicitly the miserable effects of corruption and would always choose to reject that pathetic and increasingly conflicted, self-destructive path.

And the lesser mortal route and root of all evil root, the love of money, has had its fifteen minutes of fame and ponzi influence is where things have gone, EUbrainwashing2015, and has only just started ITs Ab Fab Fabless Journey?

And only shared as a question for the passive accommodation of impotent Doubting Thomases.




amanfromMars 1 Tue 6 Jan 10:28 [1501061028] having a say on

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

Rid has previously told the world that cyber war won’t be a war, and that cyber weapons aren’t that dangerous.

And has the Professor of Security Studies of Kings College, London, binned that nonsensical opinion and realised the real and present dangers that virtually inept and pathetically corrupt and politically perverse elites face, and the trials and tribulations that they and their sysadmins are/will be forced to submit to and endure during their power command and control demise, because of the efficient wielding of cyber weaponry against them and their ponzi fiat scheme and hacked and cracked Great Game plays/media hosted intelligently destroyed ploys?

Or is such a fundamental volte-face for the professor, one small step and too great a giant quantum leap to make should so much be invested and rest upon the contrarian earlier espoused view?

One imagines though that the world wasn’t really listening and knows better, for surely, to not imagine that it be so, and to act accordingly, would be as manna from heaven for all that which understands and operates in the future with current levers of remote anonymous control and practically autonomous command. And such be quite akin to being in possession of Arms of Perfect Protective Stealth, a both dangerously and/or disruptively creative cyber weapons systems.


amanfromMars 1 Tue 6 Jan 11:00 [1501061100] saying more on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2015/01/06/snowden_leaks_hype_and_lack_of_context_bad_for_understanding/

The Future Reality and Future of Reality is of AIManufacture and Ab Fab Fabless Construction with HyperRadioProActive Instruction

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – R. Buckminster Fuller

Einstein advised “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”. Yet that’s mostly what I see happening today on many levels.

Many thanks, Changing the Script

And Amen to all of that.


amanfromMars 1 Tue 6 Jan 12:35 [1501061235] clearing up a few ambiguities on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2015/01/06/snowden_leaks_hype_and_lack_of_context_bad_for_understanding/

Re: A little knowledge is a dangerous thing and IT almost making HyperRadioProActive sense @ KjetilS

Should it make little to no sense to existing powers that be [and they can be Security Services and other organisations like any Church, State, Charity or Commercial], be they virtually irrelevant and practically just as passengers for those who are able to enable and/or for that which is now leading with intelligent programming of ignorant assets and arrogant liabilities with relative impunity and freedom of action.

Haven’t y’all yet worked IT out for Command and Control of Bigger Pictures and the Great Game? Simply Complex Words to XSSXXXX Create Complex Simple Worlds to Administer and Provide for Reign with Ruling Reins …….. supplying SMARTR Advanced CyberIntelAIgent Direction with and for Novel and Noble ODay Trippers.

Per Ardua ad Meta Astra and a Blithe Bletchley type Confection for Blighty Boffinry to Export and Exploit to Western XSSXXXX? Or is it configured with odd IT protocols to be considered and feared as an Exotic Eastern and Erotic Foreign Import and of Alien Extraction for a Virulent Infection? And that is/is that just the Way of IT in the Beginning of the Beginning of Futures with No Pasts to Present and Claim Domain and Dominion over?


Hi, John,

Regarding A’s complaining about $170,000 salaries and the NSA breaking the law and then keeping everybody quiet by rewarding them with vast sums of our money, ……. http://cryptome.org/2015/01/snowden-nsa-pay-for-silence.htm …… welcome to the real and right spooky worlds, A, where discovering and uncovering secrets that formerly were thought to be failsafe and secure and exclusive executive intellectual property for the leveraging of phenomenally unfair and incredibly lucrative inequitable advantage, is worth millions/billions/trillions to heavy hitting players on all sides and at all levels of the Great Game, and where, whenever able to provide the right secret and disruptive destructive information to future sensitive intelligence seeking non-state actors and smarter intelligence serving outfits/agencies/services, more can be made in an instant guaranteed to last for virtually ever and a day, by ensuring that what one knows and has uncovered remains top secret, sensitive compartmented information and strictly need to know.

’Tis a Brave New Orderly World, John, and IT is the Brave New Orderly World Order that Commands and Controls practically everything and virtually anything quite anonymously enough to be perfectly protected and remotely enough to be as an Untouchable ….. Invisible and Intangible.

Doubt it and IT has one fighting an increasingly revealing and destructive, losing battle against oneself and one’s former conspiring and aspiring partners in what will be widely conceived and globally perceived as being a monumental crime of titanic blunder.