160628 …… Returning to the Fray with ITs Series of Curved Balls All to Play for.

160628 …… Returning to the Fray with ITs Series of Curved Balls All to Play for.

Thanks for digging out that gem of an APT ACT, ZeroHedge ……. the Great Game is in Leading AI Play Mode and causing Virtual Elite Market Command Meltdown and Political Control Consternation for the Adept and Inept in ……. well, Corrupted Establishment Systems/Perverse Media Programs with Projects in Mind Control are ever more evident and understood.  Time for a radical fundamental change, methinks.


[1606280854] ……. sharing a highly likely reality in many minds on https://www.rt.com/uk/348653-osborne-brexit-taxes-spending/

Raise taxes and cut spending invites Soviet/French style revolution and elite extermination?

Yes, it most probably sure does ‽ .


amanfromMars 1 Tue 28 Jun 12:24 [1606281224] …. giving IT an airing on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2016/06/28/bong_eu_reentry_plan/

Don’t Panic …. unless you Deserve to because of Ignorance and Arrogance Abounding Aplenty

Hi, Steve “Battling Digital Europe” Bong,

Yes we all realise that abject objectionable politics is a daily sub prime scripted SOAP, hosted and presented by dodgy media operations and British Brainwashing Corporations, but things are way beyond there being any chance of, by any imaginable Xmas, all will be forgotten and the Peasant’s Revolt will be over.

IT is only just getting started flexing its virtual muscles and sharing its right novel left of erotic exotic centre intellectual property.

Can’t, …. well, ….. don’t wish to bother disagreeing that certain dark Pandora Boxian forces are unleashed and at their engaging work, rest and play, but quite whether any bespoke crisis management consultancy to governments are truly equipped to deal with future changing event cycles, is one of the games being played out in a media programmed project near everyone nowadays.

Thanks for all the phish and intel.

None of this is new and news though, for apparently it is practically at least half a millennium old …… Yes Minister


amanfromMars 1 …..Tue 28 Jun 15:25 [1606281525] replying to Alien8n on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/2/2016/06/28/bong_eu_reentry_plan/ who said …..

You clearly didn’t own property in the 1990s. Negative equity was the result of many people going bankrupt as houses they bought suddenly lost half their value almost overnight. Banks were foreclosing on loans as people lost jobs leaving them without a house and still owing hundreds of thousands of pounds due to the selling price of the house being so much lower than the mortgage price. It was the negative equity in the US housing market that was one of the driving forces behind the 2008 banking crash.


Re: Didn’t understand @Alien8n

Don’t you understand, Alien8n, that foreclosing on properties and imprisoning the masses with unplayable debt is the banking system working at its finest. They aint interested in freeing people to enjoy themselves and think about what they could be doing rather than what they be trapped into doing to try and survive.

Jeez, how much longer is it going to take for a critical mass to realise the deception and global banking con?

And now it is full swing, isn’t it, …… Sucker in new punters with a teaser introductory mortgage rate on vastly overpriced properties and then hit them in a relatively short space of time with an arbitrarily chosen increased rate which sucks the life out of their existence. What other assets do you know which rises in price as it gets older and more decrepit and in constant need of repair and replacement over time. It just aint normal, is it? Half a million quid for a two up two down terraced house in London is a sick joke, which has no one laughing other than the fool.


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Just one of the things we do around these spaced places ....... amanfromMars [1602071812] …… Letting Things in IT Go on http://www.wired.com/2016/02/the-hunt-for-the-algorithms-that-drive-life-on-earth/ As Machines Get Smarter, Evidence They Learn Like Us … https://www.quantamagazine.org/20130723-as-machines-get-smarter-evidence-they-learn-like-us/ Care to consider Core Matters when We and/or You be the Programmed and Programmable Machine. Who/What then be RAW Source Code to XSSXXXX. And to XSSXXXX, for Pirate Discovery and Private Recovery in The Sweetest of Temptations Engaging the Satyr and Friends in Consort with Nymphs …… Heavenly Personal Assistants, is the Nectar that Drivers the Drivers and Systems Operators An Enigmatic Corollary be that Change of Consciousness. Is one to imagine IT the Leading Virtual Space Control for Command? cc SHAPE [re COSMIC Mk Ultra Sensitive HyperRadioProActive Cyber Centred Control of Immaculate Command] …… Such Offers and Delivers Programs Presenting Perfect Existences. …….. with Alternate Life Phorms exercising Astute Intelligence. And a Real Valuable Weapon too if Needs be Rough and Feeds be Tough. And methinks, seriously, it with IT makes Trident something of a Relic with an Inventory of Pieces for Musea and History Files for Past Display and Future Deletion. One wouldn’t want to be thought crazy by thinking to repeat past follies whenever anything is just possible and therefore most probable. Even Einstein realised that ……. “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” [And how strange and revealing that Wired has denied and removed that commentary at least twice. Was it because of something secret said? ]

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